Wondering which are the best Oman mobile operators to choose and use during your Oman trip?

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the Oman mobile operators, and factors to consider when selecting one to help you find the best suitable plans for your Oman trip.

best mobile operator in Oman

I. List of Mobile Operators in Oman

There are three major Oman mobile operators and several Mobile Virtual Network Operators:

1. Main Mobile Operators in Oman

  • Ooredoo: Ooredoo is the first and leading mobile operator in Oman with the widest 4G coverage. It offers prepaid and postpaid mobile plans as well as broadband internet and other telecom services.
Ooredoo Oman mobile operators
  • Omantel: Omantel is the first and leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman. It offers mobile services, fixed line, Internet, wholesale and more.
Omantel Oman mobile operators
  • Vodafone: Vodafone is an international mobile network operator with presence in over 20 countries. It started operations in Oman in 2005 and provides prepaid and postpaid mobile connections.

2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Oman

There are also some Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Oman that use the network infrastructure of the above core network operators to provide their telecom services. Examples include Friendi Mobile and Renna Mobile.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Oman

When deciding which Oman mobile operators to choose, consider the following factors:

Network Coverage and Reliability

  • Check network coverage maps to see which operators offer the best coverage in your frequently visited areas.
  • Ooredoo and Omantel have the most extensive 4G LTE coverage nationwide
  • Ask locals and friends about the reliability of different networks

Data Plans and Pricing

  • Evaluate prepaid vs. monthly postpaid plan costs
  • Compare data limits, throttling, and overage fees
  • Consider free bundled services like data rollover or hotspot access

Customer Service Reputation

  • Ask about people’s experience dealing with each provider
  • Check reviews and complaints for responsiveness
  • Consider on-ground support center locations

Mobile and Value-Added Services

  • Review calling, texting, multimedia messaging features
  • Check additional benefits like loyalty programs, entertainment bundles, etc.

III. Best Oman Mobile Operators- Detailed Comparison

Analyzing the major mobile network operators in Oman across key criteria will help determine the best fit:

Mobile Operator Market Share Bandwidth Coverage 4G Coverage Objects of Use
Omantel High Varies Extensive nationwide coverage Extensive coverage Voice calling, data, SMS, home internet, business solutions
Ooredoo High Varies Extensive nationwide coverage Extensive coverage Voice calling, data, SMS, home internet, business solutions
Vodafone Low Limited Limited coverage, mainly urban Limited coverage, mainly urban Voice calling, data, SMS, international roaming, business solutions

Overall, coverage, bandwidth, and budget are important factors to consider when selecting Oman mobile operators. All three Oman network operators provide a solid connection throughout the entire country. While Omantel and Ooredoo outshine the coverage and speed, Vodafone is a balance across different factors.

A good thing about Ooredoo is that you can also dive into the wonders of the Oman eSIM plan offered by esimoman.com. This nifty plan hooks you up with an Oman phone number and data without the hassle of buying a physical SIM card.

The Oman eSIM plan costs 45.10 USD and gives you 30 GB in Oman for 14 days:

IV. Where to Buy SIM Cards from Oman Mobile Operators?

There are several channels to purchase new prepaid or postpaid SIM cards from the three major operators:

  • Official Retail Stores: All telecom companies have authorized retail outlets and dedicated customer experience centers in most cities where SIM cards can be picked up over the counter by providing necessary KYC documents. 
  • Supermarkets & Other Retailers: Many supermarket chains and independent grocery stores also retail starter packs from Omantel, Ooredoo, and Vodafone at times preloaded with initial recharge vouchers. 
  • Online Orders: Omantel and Ooredoo offer the option to order a new SIM card online from their website and have it home-delivered or collected from the nearest service center. 
  • Resellers & Distributors: Numerous smaller independent recharge outlets and calling card shops also deal with selling new SIM connections at their pricing. 
  • Vending Machines: Some operators like Ooredoo have deployed interactive self-service kiosks termed Ooredoo Next at malls and parking lots for dispensing SIM cards via machines. 
  • Airports stations – Major airports, train stations, and tourist centers in Oman have kiosks selling SIM cards from different providers. 
buying sim cards in Oman

V. Do Mobile Operators in Oman Offer eSIM?

Yes, Oman is among the pioneering countries within the Middle East region to officially launch eSIM. eSIM allows activating operator profiles directly on eSIM-compliant mobile handsets and connected devices without requiring insertion of a physical nano-SIM.

The benefit of eSIM is the convenience and flexibility to digitally switch mobile networks and data plans on the fly based on which operator has best offers at any given time.

As of now, Omantel was the first to unveil eSIM services for all compatible Apple iPhone models – iPhone XS and above. Their eSIM profile can be purchased from Omantel stores and customer care centers nationwide.

Ooredoo Oman also introduced eSIM facility subsequently on the iPhone 14 series enabling their network to be activated over-the-air without a SIM card. More mobile devices and operator network profiles are expected to add eSIM compatibility going forward.

To know whether your devices are compatible with eSIM or not, check detailed in eSIM compatibility list.

Looking for an eSIM provider in Oman? Check out esimoman.com. With their eSIM plans, you can enjoy seamless data, apps, and maps across Oman. They provide flexible eSIM plans ranging from 3 days to longer durations, starting at just $6.

VI. FAQs about Oman Mobile Operators

Which telecom operator has the best mobile network in Oman?

Ooredoo claims the lead when it comes to overall nation-wide 4G coverage footprint combined with strong network availability and data speeds. Omantel comes a very close second while Vodafone lags on few metrics.

Which SIM card is best in Oman?

Evaluating prepaid and postpaid mobile plans across key criteria, Ooredoo edges out competition when balancing network reach, data plan affordability and freebies offered. Omantel is ranked next while Vodafone needs some catch-up work.

Is eSIM available in Oman?

Yes, Omantel and Ooredoo have launched eSIM for Apple iPhones allowing activating their networks digitally without a physical SIM card. More mobile operators and device models expected to add support going forward.

Can tourists get prepaid SIM card in Oman easily?

Yes, visitors to Oman can easily procure prepaid SIM cards from airport arrivals, hotels and numerous other sales outlets by presenting passport copy and valid visa. Topping up and using Omani SIMs is convenient.

Which operator offers the cheapest call rates in Oman?

Ooredoo typically has most economical prepaid call charges to local and international mobile as well as landlines. Omantel Danny plan also offers low calling prices. Vodafone charges are expensive by comparison.

VII. Conclusion

Deciding on the best Oman mobile operators involves comparing many variables from network availability to data plan pricing. Based on extensive assessment spanning coverage reach, affordability and customer satisfaction – Ooredoo Oman bags the top honors for 2023. It strikes optimal balance between premium 4G connectivity and budget data rates.

Omantel trails closely behind with praiseworthy network uptime record and experienced customer support. Vodafone requires strategic investments to achieve service levels matching Omani consumer expectations going forward. Hopefully this guide has simplified selection process for new and existing subscribers.